Louie Anderson Biography (Personal life, Career)

Louie Anderson is an American stand-up comedian and actor who created the cartoon series Life with Louie. He has also written three books and hosted, initially, the game show Family Feud, from 1999 until 2000.

Personal Life

Louie Perry Anderson was born in 24th March 1953, in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He is the second youngest of 11 children in his family. In 1985 he married his high school sweetheart, but their marriage only lasted four weeks.

Louie Anderson was blackmailed in the late 1990s by Richard Gordon who extorted money from Anderson by threatening to reveal to tabloids the fact that Anderson requested sex and removal of cloathing from Gordon in a casino in 1993. Initially Anderson paid Gordon 100,000 dollars but in 2000 he informed the law and Gordon was arrested and sentenced to 21 months in prison, a 4,000 dollar fine and 3 years probation.


In 1985 stand-up comedian Louie Anderson was cast as Lou Appleton alongside Bronson Pinchot on the pilot episode of perfect Strangers for ABC. This was known in the early stage as The Greenhorn. Although, Anderson was soon replaced by Mark Linn Baker, after the show was picked up, because the producers did not thinks that between Anderson and his colleague Pinchot the chemistry did not function very well. The show lasted for eight seasons on ABC, without Anderson in it.

In 1995 he created and produced the well known Saturday morning series for Fox called Life with Louie. It is based on Anderson’s childhood with 10 siblings, their sweet-hearted mother and their loud, war-crazy father. Anderson also details, in the show, how he was picked on when he was a child because of his weight and the way he dealt with the teasing using comedy. Life with Louie lasted for 3 years on Fox and won two Emmy Awards.

A year later, in 1996, stand-up comedian Louie Anderson created and starred in The Louie Show, for CBS. In the show, Louie Anderson was playing a psychotherapist in Duluth, Minnesota. The new show lasted only six episodes before being canceled. Later, Anderson declared that he was dissatisfied and disappointed with the show anyway, and claimed that CBS changed The Louie Show very much.

In 1999, Louie Anderson landed the role of host of the new version of Family Feud. When he received this job, Anderson asked former Feud host, Richard Dawson to come on the premiere show, when Anderson was supposed to appear, and give him his blessing but Dawson declined.

In 2002, Anderson was let go from the show Family Feud and replaced by Richard Karn. Anderson was bitter over losing another job. Because of that he claimed later on E! True Hollywood Story that the show has no chance of lasting longer than four seasons without him in it. Nevertheless, the show remained on air, although Karn was replaced by John O’Hurley in 2006.

Maybe as a kind of therapy, and a form of taking some space, stand-up comedian Louie Anderson put together a special 9/11 tournament between the New York Fire Department and the New York Police Department, putting up 75, 000 dollars of his own money toward both organizations for recovery from the terrorist attacks from 11th September 2001.

He has then worked with numerous charities. Shortly after the 9/11 tournament, Louie Anderson did a show in New York City for the NYPD and FDNY Widows’ Fund. Anderson is also the co-founder of the H.E.R.O. organization. This has the mission of empowering people who are homeless or at risk of being homeless, in order for them to “attain maximum self-sufficiency”. The H.E.R.O. organization works with a variety of local agencies to enroll clients to train in helping and empowering the poor.

Anderson’s recent activities are a regularly scheduled performance in Las Vegas at the Louie Anderson Theater at the Palace Station. For the last three years he guest starred in a New Year’s Eve comedy show in Minneapolis together with his acquaintance Scott Hanson. Anderson has also starred in his own comedy specials on HBO and Showtime. He is frequently appearing on late night talk shows and also in Scrubs, Grace Under Fire, Touched by an Angel and Chicago Hope. Anderson guest starred the show Tom Goes to the Mayor.The comedian and actor played in 2006 World Series of Poker in Las Vegas, but he was eliminated in the first day of play and received a 10-minute penalty for foul language.

Now he is a frequent guest on the morning show of Minnesota radio station KQRS-FM, being a close friend to its host, Tom Barnard. Currently he is Kyle Cease’s business partner in his Stand-Up Comedy Bootcamp, teaching people to become comedians.

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