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In 1976, after graduating from Queen's College, Jerry Seinfeld made his stand up debut at New York City's Catch a Rising Star. After that, his career was boosted by an appearance on a Rodney Dangerfield HBO special.

In 1979, Jerry Seinfeld had a small role on the Benson sitcom, playing Frankie, a delivery boy who did comedy routines that nobody wanted to hear. But the comedian Jerry Seinfed was fired from the show and then swored never to do another sitcom in he hadn't control.

First National Exposure

In 1981, at age 27, Jerry Seinfeld had his first national exposure, by appearing on The Tonight Show starring Johnny Carson. This was comedian Jerry Seinfeld's breakthrough, becoming by the late 80's one of the best payed stand up comedians.

Jerry Seinfeld started appear regularly on similar shows, like Late Night with David Letterman and The Merv Griffin Show. In 1989, Jerry Seinfeld was invited to create a sitcom for NBC and he teamed with his colleague Larry David.

In 1989, Jerry Seinfeld and his friend Larry David, created for NBC the sitcom, The Seinfeld Chronicles, renamed later Seinfeld, in order to avoid confusion with the sitcom The Marshall Chronicles.

Seinfeld Show was aired in 1989 and became a succesfull sitcom until its final season in 1998, and in 2009 still is one of the heavy airplayed sitcoms in syndication.

1950 sitcom

Inspired by the 1950s sitcom Abbot and Costello Shows, Seinfeld show had nine seasons, being one of the highest-rated shows in USA even now. With characters like Elaine Benes, Cosmo Kramer or George Costanza played by talented actors like Michael Richards or Jason Alexander,

Seinfeld episodes entered the history of tv comedy and gave people in the entire world a bit of the genial observational humour that Seinfeld has.

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Stand-up comedy: Jerry Seinfeld - Career
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