Jeff Dunham - Personal Life

The Early Years

The best of all time American comedian and ventriloquist, Jeff Dunham, was born in 1960 in Dallas, Texas. Jeff Dunham was adopted a few months after his birth by the Dunham family, Joyce and Howard.

In 1967, at seven years old, the boy that would become the most famous comedian and vetriloquist, Jeff Dunham, saw a ventriloquist puppet in a toy store and wished that for Christmas. That Christmas, the future ventriloquist Jeff Dunham found under the family tree, a replica of Edgar Bergen's Mortimer Snerd. Jeff Dunham performed his first puppet show in the third grade. “Jimmy Nelson’s Instant Ventriloquism” album taught Jeff Dunham the basics of ventriloquism. Jeff Dunham performed his puppets show in Kiwanis clubs and church socials and later, in college, started to work in comedy clubs.

He graduated from Baylor University in 1986, Texas with a bachelor's degree in Communication.

In 1988 he moved to Los Angeles.

Jeff Dunham Love Life

In 1994, Jeff Dunham married Paige Brown. They started dating in 1992, got engaged a year later and another year later got married. They have 3 children: Kenna, Ashlyn and Bee.

His wife made a cameo appearance in the intro of her husband stand up comedy show, Jeff Dunham's Spark of Insanity comedy special, and his younger daughter also appeared in one of Jeff Dunham's special stand up comedy show feature "Ask Santa" on the Very Special Christmas Special DVD.

In 2008, after 14 years of marriage, Jeff Dunham and Paige Brown Dunham decided to separate. They filed for divorce in Juin 2009 and the divorce finalized in May 2010.

It seems like the reason for the divorce is the actual girlfriend of Jeff Dunham, Audrey Murdick. The rumors about the reason of divorce have not been confirmed by neither of them. Jeff Dunham and his wife Paige preferred to keep it private.

Jeff refers to his divorce during his Comedy Central special "Controlled Chaos."

Jeff Dunham Children

Jeff Dunham is the proud father of three girls, Kenna, Ashlyn and Bee. Bree Alecce Dunham was born in august 1991 and she was adopted. Ashlyn Dunham and McKenna Dunham are the biological children of Jeff Dunham and ex-wife Paige. Ashlyn Dunham was born in November 1995 and McKenna Dunham in 1997.

Other details about Jeff Dunham’s Personal Life

The comedian often speaks in his comedy routines about his animals, by that, meaning the four dogs Jeff Dunham owns, a golden retriever and three Chihuahuas, and not to mention the bits about his cars, comparing his Hummer H1 with his Toyota Prius in a conversation with Walter in Spark of Insanity and Special Christmas Special and also in the new comedy show Jeff Dunham.

When not touring, Jeff Dunham spends his off the road comedian life in Los Angeles California.

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Stand-up comedy: Jeff Dunham - Personal Life
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