Jeff Dunham - Cast (Suitcase Posse)

Jeff Dunham's numerous plastic family has all the members it needs to form the unbeatable comedy alliance. Jeff Dunham comedy act usually includes just a few of all eight puppets, known by his fans as the "Suitcase Posse", puppets that when touched by comedian and ventriloquist Jeff Dunham come to life and develop a personality.


Jeff Dunham Walter puppet is probably Jeff Dunham's father figure considering that he always asks for advice from the old man. Jeff Dunham and Walter make a perfect comic father-son combination, combing Jeff Dunham's funny way of exposing every day problems with Walter's sarcasm and discontent, discontent that is showed by his always crossed arms.

The comic Jeff Dunham asks Walter intimate questions about his sex life, about his marriage, about his Vietnam War past, and also asks of him for advice in solving his own natural day-to-day problems. Jeff Dunham'Walter dummy is best known from Jeff Dunham's characters for the fact that he always "doesn't give a damn" about anyone, especially his own wife and certain audiences members.

To mention that Jeff Dunham and Walter go back a long way appearing on numerous comedy show's since the comedian started his career as a stand up comic.

Peanut Doll

Jeff Dunham Peanut doll is more like the little baby of the Jeff Dunham Puppet Family. Jeff Dunham Peanut doll was made in Salem Virginia and it's easy to distinguish for being a purple woozle with only one shoe and immobile eyes and eyebrows.

She is the puppet that always makes fun of everything, including Jeff Dunham and his personal life, and his every day problems. Through Peanut's voice, the ventriloquist Jeff Dunham makes the most funny remarks at the public's address. The comedian linked this character to another one witch he always combines with, that being Jeff Dunham's Jalapeno on a stick.

Jose Jalapeno on a Stick

Jeff Dunham Jose Jalapeno on a Stick is a jalapeno pepper with a Spanish personality. To make him 100% Mexican, Jeff Dunham added him a sombrero and a mustache. On every joke in every comedy show he appears, Jose Jalapeno finishes with "on a stick".

Being "on a stick", Jalapeno's movement is limited to a single motion of the mouth for which Jeff Dunham uses a switch placed on Jose Jalapeno's stick. Because of his movement handicap, Jalapeno had to be given other talents such as singing, his stick which is a great quality, and last of all but not less important is Jose's ability to argue comprehensive with Peanut, the character who always makes fun of him for being Mexican, for living in a plain pine box and most of all for being "on a stick".

Achmed the Dead Terrorist

Achmed the Dead Terrorist became the first internationally known singer from Jeff Dunham's comedy crew with Christmas carol parody "Jingle Bombs". Jeff Dunham Achmed is the comedy world's terrorist in the form of a skeletonized corpse of an incompetent suicide bomber.

Well known between the world of comedy characters for his famous line "Silence! I kill you!" which he yells to the people from the audience when they laugh at his customs, Jeff Dunham'Achmed the dead terrorist is probably the best form of merging of the outrageously funny talent of Jeff Dunham, applied on the most discussed subject of the last years with inside information from the Islamic world, for example in Spark of Insanity, Comedy Central Special, being brought into discussion in a comedic manner the Islamic promise of the 72 virgins.

Melvin, the Superhero Guy

Melvin, the Superhero Guy is Achmed's most feared enemy at the game of checkers. Melvin's act is about sharing the secret of his superpowers to the public. His real superpowers are same as Superman' like flying as far as Jeff Dunham can throw him, looking through things like women's clothes considering the small inconvenient that he can't see thru silicone.

In their show Jeff Dunham interviews him about opinions on other superheroes, about superhero secrets, about his family in "the real life" and about his superhero actions and signals. The comedian implemented Melvin the combined features of well known cartoon and movie superheroes and gave The Superhero of Comedy a part of his sense of humor.

Bubba J.

Jeff Dunham - Bubba J.Bubba J. is Jeff Dunham's representative for "trailer park white trash". Jeff Dunham discusses with Bubba about the little guy's passions and small pleasures.

Little Bubba calls the comedian Mr. Dunham as he tells him about his fat ugly wife, about his assumed one child, about his passion for watching NASCAR and drinking beer and a few details about his promiscuous sex life. Except for being a 100% redneck, he has a runny eye, that being the secret of his watch (and let the public finish laughing) pauses.

Sweet Daddy Dee

Sweet Daddy Dee is the first up laud self-proclaimed "Player In a Management Profession" meaning a P.I.M.P. who is referenced as Jeff Dunham's new agent. His signature move is a move of lifting his lips and making a snake slither.

Daddy D. makes Dunham look "neon white" by using African American culture slang. When the comedian asks Sweet Daddy Dee who are his other clients he refuses to say because he prefers to keep confidentiality but he accidentally slips out the initials O.J.

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