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George Lopez was born on 23rd of April 1961, in Mission Hills , Los Angeles, California. The comedian George Lopez's childhood wasn't very happy, being abandoned by his father when he was only two months old and by his mother when the future comedian was only ten years old.

George Lopez's mother remarried and moved to Sacramento, leaving George Lopez with his grandparents. Even now, George Lopez relationship with his mother, who lives alone in Sacramento, is distant.George Lopez had been told that his father was dead, but when his mother moved to Sacramento, the child that would become one of the great comedians, found out that his father was not dead, but left his family. George Lopez has not yet found his father who the comedian believes is living in Mexico.

George Lopez was raised by his grandmother, Benne Gutierrez, an emotionally distant woman and Refugil Gutierrez, the maternal step-grandfather. George Lopez's grandmother was a factory worker and his step-grandfather was a builder.

George Lopez stand up comedy career includes material from the memories and the painful experiences George Lopez had during his childhood.In May 1990, George Lopez met Ann Serrano at the Ice house, as the comedian wrote in his autobiography, but there were "no major fireworks at first", George Lopez said also in his autobiography.

George Lopez married Ann on 18th of September 1993, at the San Fernando Mision in San Fernando, California. In 1996, Ann Lopez gave birth to George Lopez's daughter, Mayan.

On 9th of April 2005, George Lopez had received a kidney transplant from his own wife and the surgery went very well, the comedian been able to play golf after only three weeks after the surgery.George Lopez family along with the comedian currently reside in Los Angeles.

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