George Lopez - Conflicts

Jay Leno is one of the persons on George Lopez's list, even though once upon a time, they were considered close friends. On the 24'th of January 2007, during an interview for the WOMX-FM in Orlando Florinda, George Lopez called Jay Leno "the biggest two-faced dude in TV".

Another candidate to George Lopez's feud list is Carlos Mencia, which he accused of stealing 13 minutes of his comedy material and used it in Carlos Mencia's HBO special.

It is also known that the two comedians had an physical altercation over that accusation of plagiarism. George Lopez's feelings about Eric Estrada, are well-known, George Lopez mentioning his hatred whenever he gets the opportunity.

The issue stands in an old story, from the time George Lopez was an teenager and Eric Estrada refused to shake his hand. In 2007, George Lopez criticized the president of ABC Entertainment, Steve McPherson, after ABC canceled the George Lopez show. The comedian stated for the Los Angeles Times that "TV just became really, really white again", accusing Steve McPherson for using racially reasons for his decision.

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Stand-up comedy: George Lopez - Conflicts
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