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George Lopez stand up comedy career started in the 80's, the comedian becoming a success by the late 80's, with many appearances on television, comedy specials and being an regular in clubs around the country. George Lopez stand up comedy shows had been based on comedian's unfortunate childhood experiences and also the Mexican-American community in general.

In 1990, George Lopez was cast in the comedy film Ski Patrol, in which he plays Eddie Martinez and in 1993, in Fatal Instinct playing an Murder Investigator. Even though George Lopez tv career was a success, the comedian never stopped doing stand up comedy and he does it at the highest level, performing at venues like: ARCO Arena, Las Vegas Hilton, the Town Hall in New York, SBC Center in San Antonio, Foxwoods Casino, Dodge Theatre in Phoenix, The Rosemont Theatre in Chicago and let's not forget the performance George Lopez gave for the President at the Ford's Theatre in Washington , D.C.

In 1996, George Lopez stand up comedy show Alien Nation had the premier, being comedian's first stand up comedy album.

In 1999, George Lopez hosted an morning radio show at Clear Channel Communications in L.A., being the first Latino that hosted a major keystone morning radio show on an English - language station in Los Angeles.

In 2000, George Lopez was cast in the drama Bread and Roses, directed by the British filmmaker Ken Loach, and the film was nominated for the Palm D'Or at the Cannes Film Festival.

In 2001 was released, George Lopez second stand up comedy show Right Now, followed by the 2002 George Lopez comedy album Team Leader, comedy album for whch George Lopez was nominated in 2004 for a Grammy Award for Best Comedy Album.

In 2002, George Lopez played Mr. Guzman in the film Real Woman have Curves, which had the premier at the Sundance Film Festival and in 2002, received an Audience Award.In the 2003-2004 football season, George Lopez was a commentator and a cast member for the Inside the NFL, HBO's hit sports show.

George Lopez Why You Crying stand up comedy show had the premier on Showtime, being George Lopez first stand up comedy special and being recorded first in 21st of February 2004, at the Terrace Theatre in Long Beach California.

George Lopez Why you Crying video was released on DVD , on 13th of September 2005 and on 26th of September 2006 was released, George Lopez stand up comedy album El Mas Chingon, one of the best comedy albums ever.On 24th of February 2007, was premiered George Lopez second stand up comedy special, America's Mexican.

George Lopez video America's Mexican was broadcasted live on HBO and was released on DVD, on 3rd of July 2007.In 2008, George Lopez starred in the success film Swing Vote and also in the everly Hills Chihuahua and the same year, George Lopez appeared in the Reno 911, as the Mayor of Reno, Nevada.

In January 2009, George Lopez appeared in the We Are One: The Obama Ianugural Celebartion at the Lincoln Memorial.

Television series - The George Lopez Show

In 2000, the actress Sandra Bullock, being concerned by the lack of sitcoms for Hispanics on American televisions, started to propose to televisions, an sitcom starring Hispanics, but without being about just the Hispanic American community.

From all the televisions, ABC was the one that accepted the televison series, mostly because it had been criticized for lack of Latinos in tehir tv shows, by Hispanic American groups.

So, in 2002, George Lopez became the star, co-creator and producer of the George Lopez show, an comedy show of which actress Sandra Bullock was the exceutive producer.

The George Lopez show, which aired on ABC from 2002 - 2007, was based on George Lopez personal experiences and made George Lopez one of the few Latinos that starred in a television series.

On 24th of March 2009, it was announced that George Lopez will have his own late night talk show on TBS. The late night talk show will be broadcast begining with November 2009, from Monday through Thursday at 11pm.

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