George Carlin's career - 1990s

The comedian starts the year great and on January 12-13, 1990 the seventh HBO special of George Carlin stand-up comedy show / concert special, "Doin' It Again" was taped at State Theater, New Brunswick, New Jersey. George Carlin stand up comedy show includes the funny routines: "Euphemisms", "Feminist Blowjob", "Some People are Stupid" and "Life's Little Moments".

George Carlin HBO special was released as album under different name, "Parental Advisory: Explicit Lyrics" on November 20, 1990 and got nominated for Grammy award.

1990's TV apparences

On August 1990, George Carlin's TV career continued by working with Ben Stiller in "Working Trash" a made-for-tv movie for Fox network and in September, 1990 makes Cartoon version of "Bill & Ted". Also, the comedian George Carlin filmed "Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey" from 28th of February - 7th of March 1991.

In the 1990s, George Carlin enjoyed success with series television. From 1991, the comedian provided the voice of the train conductor on PBS' kid-friendly Shining Time Station for two years and narrated Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends a role he continued until 1998.

Also in 1991, George Carlin had a major supporting role in the movie The Prince of Tides, which starred Nick Nolte and Barbra Streisand, playing Eddie, the gay neighbor. And that was his best acting so far.On April 24-25, 1992, the eighth HBO special of George Carlin stand-up comedy show / concert special, "Jammin' in New York" was taped and aired as live broadcast from Paramount Theater in Madison Square Garden, New York.

George Carlin video Jammin' in New York is one of comedian's best stand up comedy show, including "Golf Courses for the Homeless". "Rockets and Penises in the Persian Gulf" and "The Planet is Fine, the People Are Fucked".

George Carlin - First Grammy Award

George Carlin video "Jammin' in New York" won Cable ACE award and was released as album with the same name on November 11, 1992. Album won a Grammy award. In December, 1992 there were taped 15 more episodes as Mr. Conductor on "Shining Time Station", PBS.

In 1993 it was released George Carlin's "Classic Gold", double-CD comedy album, which contains first three gold albums in their entirety: "FM & AM", "Class Clown" and "Occupation: Foole".

In January 1994 George Carlin began a weekly sitcom on Fox Television: "The George Carlin Show". He also starred as a taxicab driver, "George O'Grady" in The George Carlin Show from 1993 to 1995. The comedian included a variation of George Carlin 7 words: the "Seven Words" in the plot.

The show ran 27 episodes until it was cancelled in December 1995.In February, 1994 George Carlin won Grammy award for CD version of "Jammin' in New York". And the same year in November the comedian was inducted into a television show on ABC-TV "Comedy Hall of Fame".

In January, 1995 George Carlin taped miniseries "Streets of Laredo" playing Billy Williams, which was Aired on CBS. Also in 1995, the comedian tapes four evening "Shining Time Station" specials, which was aired on PBS. Then George Carlin was the host of HBO's celebration show, "Twenty Years of Comedy on HBO"

The comedian did just a hosting job, no stand up comedy.Next year, on March 29-30, 1996 took place the ninth HBO special of George Carlin stand up comedy / concert special, "Back in Town" taped and aired as live broadcast from Beacon Theater, New York. George Carlin's "Back in Town" stand up comedy show includes some of his most famous routines: "Abortion", "Capital Punishment", "Expressions I Question" and "Free-floating Hostility". This HBO special was released as album, with the same name on September 17, 1996.

George Carlin: 40 years of Comedy

One year later, on February 27-28, 1997 was taped and aired from Wheeler Theater, Aspen, Colorado, as part of Aspen Comedy Arts Festival, George Carlin video and also his tenth HBO special, "George Carlin: 40 Years of Comedy".

George Carlin video "George Carlin: 40 Years of Comedy" contains 15-minute segment of his career television clips, interview of George Carlin conducted by comedian Jon Stewart, and two new stand up bits: "Moe the Dog Fucks Vern the Cat" and "American Bullshit", living behind many famous George Carlin quotes. For this he was nominated for two Emmy awards and won two CableACE awards. Also on 1st of May 1997, Hyperion published George Carlin's first real, Brain Droppings, which sold very well and stood on NY Times bestseller list for 18 weeks.Next year, in May 1998 - "Braindroppings" was published in paperback and stood on NY Times bestseller list for 20 weeks.

In hardcover and paperback, book sold over 600,000 copies in less than two years.In March-April 1998, George Carlin played the role of Cardinal Glick in picture "Dogma" with Matt Damon, Ben Affleck, Chris Rock, Linda Fiorentino. He was a religious marketing hustler and enjoyed ridiculing Catholic clergy.

Emmy Awards Nomination

On February 6 1999 George Carlin stand up comedy show and also his eleventh HBO stand up concert special, "You Are All Diseased" was taped and aired as live broadcast from Beacon Theater, New York. Being one of comedian's best stand up comedy show, it includes best - known George Carlin routines "Airport Security", "Fear of Germs", "Kids and Parents", "Advertising Lullabye", "American Bullshit" and "There Is No God". It got nominated for two Emmy awards. The comedy album with the same name was released on May 14, 1999 and was nominated for Grammy.

In October 1999 "George Carlin: The Little David Years: 1971-1977" was released by Atlantic Records. "George Carlin: The Little David Years: 1971-1977" a 7-CD retrospective boxed set comprising all six Little David albums from the 1970's: "FM & AM", "Class Clown", "Occupation Foole", "Toledo Window Box", "An Evening With Wally Londo" and "On the Road". Includes a seventh bonus CD: 70 minutes of previously unreleased '70s and '8Os material.

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