George Carlin's career - 1980s

In August 1981 George Carlin came back on stage with the comedy album "A Place for My Stuff" which was recorded in Las Vegas (live) and New York (studio). Comedian's album was released in November 1981, got nominated for Grammy award and included famous routines like "Have A Nice Day", "Asshole, Jackoff, Scumbag", "Interview With Jesus" and an early, incomplete version of "A Place for My Stuff".

In the same time, the funniest comedian ever returned to HBO and on 12th of October 1982 took place the third of George Carlin stand-up comedy show / HBO concert special, Carlin At Carnegie. George Carlin video Carlin at Carnegie was taped at Carnegie Hall, New York City and includes updated list of George Carlin 7 words.

The show: Carlin at Carnagie

George Carlin video "Carlin At Carnegie" was aired during the 1982-1983 season. George Carlin continued doing HBO specials every other year over the following 25 years. All of George Carlin stand up comedy albums from this time forward are the HBO specials shows.In 1983, Running Press published George Carlin's comedy material "Sometimes A Little Brain Damage Can Help".

George Carlin's stuff was a good comedy material, a great art work, thirty-two pages, magazine format.In 1984 George Carlin appears for the second time at the famous sketch variety show Saturday Night Live. This time, the comedian did sketches and had much more fun than the first time.

On 18th - 19th of April 1984 was the fourth George Carlin's HBO stand-up concert special, Carlin On Campus. George Carlin video was taped at Wadsworth Theater, Los Angeles and includes "The Prayers", "Consumer Hints", "Cars & Driving I" and three animated routines. This George Carlin stand up comedy show was released as album with the same name, two months later.On 26th of November 1984 was released "The George Carlin Collection", with selected routines from earlier Little David albums. It includes "News Hostility Scoreboard" and "Headlines".

On 29th of March 1986, comedian George Carlin performs at first ever "Comic Relief", where he did the "Stuff" routine.On 2nd - 3rd of May 1986 the fifth HBO special George Carlin stand up comedy show, "Playin' with Your Head" was taped at Beverly Theater, Beverly Hills, California. George Carlin video Playn' With Your Head includes routines like "Hello-Goodbye" "It's Not a Sport" "Losing Things" and a short film-noir spoof, "The Envelope" featuring George Carlin as private eye Mike Holder. The album with the same name was released on July 30, 1986 and got nominated for Grammy award.

George Carlin's Hollywood Walk of Fame Star

George Carlin received a Hollywood Walk of Fame star in January 1987, at corner of Vine and Selma Sts., between Sunset and Hollywood Blvds. Same year, George Carlin appears in "Outrageous Fortune", with a major supporting role, with Bette Midler and Shelley Long. George Carlin played Frank Madras, a drunken, ex-hippie tracker and his acting starts getting better, being after all his first notable screen role after a handful of previous guest roles on television series.George Carlin' s TV career continued in 1988 when he stars with Molly Hagan in NBC TV movie "Justin Case". Directed by Blake Edwards, it is intended as a two-hour pilot, in which George Carlin plays title character, a private detective and his acting is improved.

Many HBO Specials later

On March 25-26, 1988, the sixth HBO special George Carlin stand-up comedy show / concert special, "What Am I Doin' in New Jersey?" was taped and aired as live broadcast from Park Theater, Union City, New Jersey.George Carlin video What am I Doin' in New Jersey includes hilarious routines "Cars & Driving II", "Reagan's Gang" and "People I Can Do Without" and "Keeping People Alert" Was also released as album on August 15, 1988.

Of course, the comedy album was nominated for Grammy award.In February, 1989, George Carlin gained popularity when he appeared with Keanu Reeves and Alex Winters in "Bill & Teds Excellent Adventure". He was cast as Rufus, a futuristic mentor to Bill & Ted and a new generation af teens starts to appreciate him.


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