George Carlin's career - 1960s

In March 1960 - George Carlin and Burns started a morning radio show on KDAY, Hollywood, after taping and creating "The Wright Brothers". It is known about George Carlin that years later, when the funniest comedian was honored with a star on Hollywood Walk of Fame, the comedian requested that it would be placed in front of KDAY studios.

The two comedians worked on KDAY for three months and in May 1960, began performing stand up comedy at Cosmo Alley, a Hollywood coffeehouse.

George Carlin's first comedy album

At Cosmo Alley comedy club, where George Carlin's live perfomance first took place, they recorded the album Burns and Carlin at the Playboy Club tonight. Recorded in May 1960, this was the only comedy album the two comedians recorded togheter.

In June 1960 George Carlin and Burn quit their job radio and start the stand up comedy shows in night clubs. On October 10 1960 the comedian George Carlin and Burns appeared for the first time in a television show: The Tonight Show.

On March 19, 1962 George Carlin and Jack Burns begin separate solo careers, and few days later, George Carlin stand up comedy career solo starts on June 13, 1962 is the at the Gate of Horn. comedian's first ever solo network tv appearance: The Tonight Show.

First Acting job

In June 1966, George Carlin gets his first acting job: he films That Girl episode as Marlo Thomas' agent, George Lester.George Carlin Personal Life - Comedy geniousOn November 25, 26, 27 1966, George Carlin records his debut solo album, "Take Offs and Put Ons" recorded live at The Roostertail, Detroit , album that is released one year later in 1967 and receives Grammy nomination. The comedy album includes "Indian Sergeant", "Wonderful WINO", "Daytime Television".

In May 1967 George Carlin was cast on the comedy show "Away We Go" and in 1968 in his first movie: The comedian appears with Brian Keith and Doris Day in "With Six You Get Eggroll.", playing car hop Herbie Fleck.In 1969 George Carlin got fired from Frontier Hotel in Las Vegas for using the word "ass" on stage, in a show with audience composed solely of golfers. Deep, well-deserved hatred for golfers begins to take hold.

George Carlin's material during his early career, has been seen as "conventional", particularly when contrasted with his later anti-establishment material.

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Stand-up comedy: George Carlin's career - 1960s
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