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The british comedian Eddie Izzard was born on 7th of February 1962 in Aden, Yemen. Eddie Izzard is the child of John Izzard and Dorothy Ella, british citizens. Eddie Izzard's father was an accountant and his mother was a midwife and nurse. Eddie Izzard has an two years older brother, Mark.

Moving to Northen Ireland

In 1963, when Eddie Izzard was only one year old, the british comedian's family left Aden and moved to Northern Ireland, where they lived until 1967.

In 1967 Eddie Izzard and his family left Northern Ireland and moved to UK, South Wales, near Swansea - a place called Skewn, where the comedian's mother died of cancer in March 1968, a devastating moment for Eddie Izzard. When Eddie Izzard's mother died, the british comedian's father decided that Eddie Izzard and his brother should attend a boarding school, which happened the same year.

Boarding School

So, in 1968, at only six years old, Eddie Izzard and his brother went off to boarding, down in Porthcawl, a place called St John's School.

In 1969 they left Wales and went back to live in Bexhill. Eddie Izzard and his brother went to school in Eastbourne.

Later he attended St Bede's Preparatory School and in 1975, at thirteen years old, the future comedian Eddie Izzard went to Eastbourne College. The same year, Eddie Izzard's father remarried.

Becoming a straight transvestite

In 1991 Eddie Izzard announced to the press that he is a straight transvestite. Eddie Izzrad often describes himself as "a male tomboy" or "action" transvestite. The transvestite british comedian Eddie Izzard usually cross-dresses both on and off the stage, but he always makes it clear that he simply enjoys wearing make-up, without being a sexual thing. Eddie Izzard denies that he is homosexual and the comedian says that he is a male lesbian or a straight transvestite. Eddie Izzard also thinks that because women are wearing pants is not a big thing that a man wears woman clothing.

From 1968, after the death of his mother, Eddie Izzard started to discover the work of Steve Martin, Richard Pryor, Monty Python and the early Benny Hill.

Later, the british comedian Eddie Izzard attended the University of Sheffield where he started practicing stand up comedy which led to him being kicked off his accountancy degree course.

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Stand-up comedy: Eddie Izzard - Personal Life
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