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Eddie Izzard's comedy style is influenced heavily by Monty Python, especially in his use of a stream-of-consciousness delivery that jumps between topics as he free associates on sage. The comedian Eddie Izzard usually doesn't work from a script, owing to his dyslexia. He often interrupts himself with new joke ideas turning his characters into different ones, and he also leaps from historical analysis to musings about household appliances.

Eddie Izzard's distinctive comic style often results in brief pauses in Eddie Izzard's comedy routine which he fills with numerous verbal tics that have become his trademarks. Eddie Izzard also uses to think aloud during his comedy shows in his ongoing attempt to make the process of writing the show itself a part of the humor. Frequently he notes public's reactions to different jokes by miming writing on his hand (things like "should be funnier" or "lost them there" while speaking out loud), or asks the audience questions or verbally engages with hecklers.

Mumbling authority figure

To note a few things that never miss in any of Eddie Izzard's shows we could mention the way he portrays God as a mumbling authority figure using the voice of James Mason and John F. Kennedy, or Noah's Sean Connery impersonation. The comedian Eddie Izzard also imitates activities such as sawing wood, vacuuming and mowing the lawn, giving his lifeless character accents and personalities. In his comedy shows Eddie Izzard usually does successful impressions of his Scottish clarinet teacher, Mrs. Badcrumble or includes frequent re-imaginings of historical events which often result in humorous scenes such as "Cake or Death: Church of England runs the Inquisition" or "Jesus Ministers to the Dinosaurs".

When asked about his comedy style Eddie Izzard described his use of history by saying: "I just talk complete bullshit. The history, the politics, I noticed that no one was using history, so there's a lot of history lying about the place, and it's all free, and it's on Wikipedia! You know, I use Wikipedia like a crazy idiot, now. Then I take all this stuff, and I regurgitate it into a weird angle".

Eddie Izzard knows how to deal with sensitive issues, with special emphasis on religion, without intending it as mean-spirited or rude. However, his 2008 Stripped comedy show was a humorous presentation on how one can see that there's no God.

Attention to himself and his personality

The comedian also likes to turn much of the attention on himself and his personality, including his cross-dressing stating at one moment that it is his manifest destiny to wear a dress on all seven continents. When asked about his sexual orientation Eddie Izzard declares that he sees himself more as an "executive", "action" and "underground" transvestite, more of a "male lesbian" and not close to being a "weirdo" transvestite. In one of his comedy shows he stated "Women wear what they want and so do I".

According to the comedian's opinion "Most transvestites fancy women" and he always dismisses any claims that he is a male homosexual, stating in a specific comic way that he is either "a lesbian trapped in a man's body", either "a complete boy plus half a girl".

Eddie Izzard was listed in all of the most important Comedy tops. He took 3rd place of the 100 Greats Comedians as part of Channel 4's ongoing 100 Greatest, and in a 2005 poll to find The Comedian's Comedian, Eddie Izzard was voted amongst the top 20 greatest comedy acts ever by fellow comedians and comedy insiders. In the most important top of comedy, that being Comedy Central's 100 Greatest Stand Ups of All Time the comedian was number 75.

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