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Dane Cook was born on 18th of March 1972, in Boston, Massachusetts, being the son of Donna Cook a homemaker and George Cook, who had worked at a golf course,and later run a rock club in Cambridge. Dane Cook's religion is Irish Catholic, being raised in this religion alongside six siblings.

Dane Cook attended Arlington High School , grewing up in Arlington , Massachusetts and by the 7th grade, the future comedian watched Saturday Night Live, that being the moment he realized that his wish is to perform on Saturday Night Live.

That was not a easy dream for a kid as shy as Dan Cook was at that time, especially that he later stated he had agoraphobia as a kid. So, even though he performed stand up comedy for his family, it was not going to be easy to follow the steps of his favourites: Bill Cosby and Johnny Carson. But the teenager that would become one of the most famous comedians ever, spent his teens developing his stand up comedy skills and studying different comedians and their routines in order to become a great comedian.

About Dane Cook's love life nobody knows very much, this being a mistery that hauntes millions of women in the entire world. Even though in December 2008 there were rumours that Dane Cook secretly got married, there is still no answer. Dane Cook's girlfriend is a mistery as well, the comedian being romantically linked to Jessica Simpson and actress Kate Hudson.

In December 2008, Dane Cook's brother and manager, Darryl McCauley was arrested , being accused that he had stolen from his brother, Dane Cook, over $ 1 million, even though as Dane Cook's manager he had an income of $12,500a month. The initial bail was set at $3 million, but after the stand in March 2009, his bail was reduced at $300,000.

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Stand-up comedy: Dane Cook's Personal Life
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