Dane Cook's Career

In 1994, at 22 years old, the comedian Dane Cook moved to New York City and started follow his dream, by performing stand up comedy in different places and also he worked at Comedy Club and College circuits. Since 1996, Dane Cook lives in Los Angeles, where the comedian moved at 24 years old.

In 1998, Dane Cook took the oportunity to take his act public, during one of David Cross's stand up comedy, presented himself as Earnest Glenn, who was missing that night.

So, the act being an success, Dane Cook found his confidence and from that moment he improved his stand up skills by adding the art of improv from Al and the Monkeys, Dane Cook's solo comedy act becoming a regular on local.

The success was followed by press atention and then tv producers who invited Dane Cook on David Letterman's and Craig Kilborn's late-night shows.

Even though Dane Cook played several roles in movies since 1997, in 1999 he was cast in two good movies Mistery Men and Simon Sez, alongside Dennis Rodman.

In 2000, Dane Cook was invited by Comedy Central to have his own episode on Comedy Central Presents and his half-hour special has won since then, the comedy Central Stand-up showdown twice in a row.

Harmfull If Swallowed

In 2003, Dane Cook's video Harmful If Swallowed stand up comedy album was released on 23rd of July as well on CD as on DVD, and Dane Cook's comedy album was a huge success, being ceritfied platinum. Dane Cook's Harmful If Swallowed stand up comedy album got the attention of Comedy Central Records and Dane Cook got a recording contract.

First HBO special

Dane Cook's stand up Vicious Circle is Dane Cook first HBO special aired on 15th of April 2005, after being filmed at the TD Banknorth Garden. That year, Dane Cook also filmed Cooked sitcom two pilot episodes, but unfortunately Dane Cook's sitcom was never aired, so the pilot episodes were released on DVD later, entitled the Lost Pilot Episodes.


In 2005, Dave Cook's Retaliation stand up comedy album was released on July, 26 on CD and DVD, being Dane Cook's second comedy album , after Harmful If Swallowed. Dave Cook's video Retaliation went double platinum and #4 on the Billboard charts, taking Dane Cook to the top , alongside Bill Cosby, Steve Martin or George Carlin, the stars of the comedy. Because of his succes, MTV Video Music Awards offered Dane Cook, his own comedy act during the Awards and the opportunity to present with Snoo Dogg, the Best New Artist Award.


2005 was a good year for Dane Cook, being also the year Dane Cook's Tourgasm started, a 20-show college tour, alonside the comedian's friends, Gary Gulman, Jay Favis and Robert Kelly. Dane Cook's Tourgasm was also filmed and later aired on HBO as a 9-episode documentary.

On 3rd of December 2005, Dane Cook performed on Saturday Night Live the longest monologue in the history of Saturday Night Live and the comedian also hosted the show, which was one of the highest-rated that season.

The next year, Dave Cook was invited to host the premier of season 32 of Saturday Night Live. Also in 2005, Dane Cook was cast in the movie Waiting , followed by his first leading role in the success Employee of The Month.

The same year, 2006, Dane Cook was invited to host alongside Jessica Simpson the Teen Choice Awards and the comedian also was the headline for Dave Attell's Insomniac Tour.

In November 2006 sold out Madison Square Garden twice in one night, becoming the second comedian that sold out Madison Square Garden and in 2007 Dane Cook was awarded for Best Comedian.

Endurance record

On 10th of April 2007, Dane Cook performed on stage at The Laugh Factory, for 3 hours and 50 minutes, breaking the record, but five days later Dave Chappelle broke Dane Cook's record.

Rough Around The Edges

Dane Cook's comedy show from Madison Square Garden, New York City was filmed and release on DVD, being thee comedian's third comedy album entitled Rough Around The Edges. Dane Coook's Rough Around The Edges was released on DVD, on 13th of November 2007 and the album debuted at no 1 on Billboard Top Comedy Albums Chart. Dane Cook's Rough Around the Edges tour started the same year, being his first arena tour.

In 2007, Dane Cook had major roles in 3 box-office hits: Mr Brooks, in which Dane Cook played alongside Demi Moore and Kevin Costner, Good Luck Chuck or Dan in Real Life. 2008 came for Dane Cook with another film My Best Friend's Girl, with Kate Hudson and Alec Baldwin.

Another edurnace record

In 2008, on 1st of January, Dane Cook performed on stage at The Laugh Factory, for 7 hours, breaking again the endurance record.

In 2008, Dane Cook perfromed alongside Robert Kelly and Al Del Bene at the Coliseum in Caesars Palace and after that, they all went to Iraq performing for the american troops, with Bene as Emcee and Dane Cook as the Headliner.

ISolated INcident

After Dane Cook's stand up Rough Arround the Edges, the comedian started working at his fifth album ISolated INcident, an stand up comedy show that Dane Cook performed only in Los Angeles and Tampa. Dane Cook's video ISolated INcident was filmed at the Laugh Factory and was aired on 17th of May 2009 on Comedy Central. Dane Cook's video ISolated INcident was released on DVD on 17th of November 2009, being the last from comedian's four record deal with Comedy Central Records.

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