Carlos Mencia Personal Life

Carlos Mencia, by his real name Ned Arnel Mencia, was born on 22nd of October 1967 in San Pedro Sula, Honduras, being the son of an Mexican mother and a Honduran father. Carlos Mencia was the seventeenth of eighteen children of Magdalena Mencia, who refused to give her son his biological father's, Roberto Holness, last name, because of a domestic fight that she have had with him.

Coming to the US

So, in Carlos Mencia birth certificate appears Ned Arnel Mencia, but out of respect for his father, Roberto Holness, he went by his father name until the age of 18, being known as Ned Holness. When Carlos Mencia was only three moths old, his parents send him to his aunt and uncle, in the United States of America.Carlos Mencia was raised by them in Maravilla Projects in Los Angeles, California. Because was difficult to stay out of trouble, as Carlos Mencia later stated, and because his family wanted to avoid the gang culture, the teenager Carlos Mencia returned to Honduras for a while.

High educational evolution

When he later came back to Los Angeles, Carlos Mencia was promoted directly to the tenth grade, because of his high educational evolution. After graduating from Garfield High School, Carlos Mencia went to California State University, Los Angeles, from where he majored in electical engineering.Carlos Mencia married Amy, they now live in California and they have one child , Luca Pablo Mencia, born on 14th of December 2006.

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