Carlos Mencia - Accusations of Plagiarism

Carlos Mencia was accused of plagiarism a few times. The first time, Carlos Mencia was accused by Joe Rogan who posted on his website an article in which he states that Carlos Mencia stole jokes from different comedians. Joe Rogan also confronted Carlos Mencia on the stage at Comedy Store and then posted a video of the altercation and on his blog, he compared video clips of Carlos Mencia's with those of others comedians.

George Lopez accusations

Another comedian that accused Carlos Mencia of plagiarism was the great comedian George Lopez, who in "the Howard Stern show" accused Carlos Mencia of stoling a 13 minutes material and put it in Carlos Mencia HBO special. George Lopez and Carlos Mencia had also an physical altercation over those accusations and George Lopez specified that the joke he accused Carlos Mencia of palgiarism was a Raco Bell joke.

Ted Sarnowsky accusations

After that, the comedian Ted Sarnowsky stated that this joke was first performed by him in 1998, o radio and that George Lopez, who was at that time the radio station's resident comic had used it without his permission. Persmission that Ted Sarnowsky claims he had given to Carlos Mencia.

Bill Cosby routine

The accusations of plagiarism on Carlso Mencia continued with an accusation that he had stolen one of Bill Cosby's routine in Carlos Mencia's stand up comedy show No Strings Attached. The routine was similar to one of Bill Cosby's routine from Himself. Carlso Mencia stated for Los Angeles Times, that he regrets the similarities with Bill Cosby's routine, but he had never seen the film.

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Stand-up comedy: Carlos Mencia - Accusations of Plagiarism
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