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Bill Maher is not known only by his "unholy" love life and stand up comedy routines. He is well know for beeing very opinionated and in this article we will show you what are his political views and Bill Maher's Views on religion.

Bill Maher along with George Carlin belives that organised religion is "Bad for Ya!". Thus, he tries to open people's minds to the fact that religion is just pure hypocrisy. Bill Maher is one of the biggest supporters of gay marriage and doesn't like that religious monuments are near Court Houses.

Bill Maher Political Views

Bill Maher thinks of himself as a libertarian, being known for his political satire and in his Political Incorrect show. The social and political commentator touched a large area of political topics and bureaucracies, and also social topics or mass media.Even though Bill Maher thinks of himself as libertarian, his behaviour was questioned by the journalist Dann Halem, who described Bill Maher as a liberal.

Bill Maher is suporting the legalization of marijuana, gambling and prostitution, being an open marijuana user and a fervent environmentalist.He is also a member of an organization which support marijuana use. Bill Maher belives that "government is really there to do the things that people absolutely can't do for themselves" and he frequently questions the corporations.Beliving that Bob Dole was a war hero, Bill Maher supported him during 1996 US presidential election.

In the 2000 US presidential election, Bill Maher stated that he wil support the Liberatrian Party and Harry Browne, but later said that he voted for Ralph Nader.Bill Maher often expressed his disagree with health care and pharmaceutical industries, beliving that the unhealthy food and the consumption of high fructose corn syrup are making the people sick and the mentioned industries are both making money over that fact. Bill Maher stated that he is not a vegetarian, even thogh he doesn't eat a lot of meat, having a "very eccentric diet".In 2004, during presidential election, Maher supported John Kerry and made obvious opposition to George W. Bush.

The social and political commentator Bill Maher supports death penalty, euthanasia and the right to choose abortion.In 2008, during US Presidential Election, Bill Maher supported Barack Obama, being very critical of John McCain even though he supported him in the 2000 primaries.

Bill Maher views on religion

Bill Maher's religion views are almost as controversial as his love life, being an avid critic of organized religion, saying that he thinks religion is a neurological disorder that stops people from thinking. Bill Maher along with George Carlin belived that religious practices are pure hypocrisy, causing many of the society's problems.Bill Maher is a declared pro-choice supporter and he also supports gay marriage, beliving that only because religion prohibits those, it doesn't meen are immoral acts, being more immoral to rape, harm others and kill someone.

Bill Maher is against religious monuments being placed near court houses, like The Ten Commandments, claiming that American law is not based on The Ten Commandments as the conservative Christian said, because only two of ten apply to American law.Bill Maher never confirmed that he was a deist, even though Bill Maher's religious point of view expressed on Politically Incorrect and Real Time with Bill Maher were sometimes similar with deism criterias.

Bill Maher declared that his not an atheist, that he belives in a god, but he just does not belive in religion.In 2005, Bill Maher stated on Larry King Live that he was an agnostic, being open to the idea that God exists and in 2007, on Scarborough Country declared himself an apatheist instead of an agnostic.

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