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Stand up Comedy: Carlos Mencia - Accusations of Plagiarism

Carlos Mencia - Accusations of Plagiarism

Carlos Mencia was accused of plagiarism a few times. The first time, Carlos Mencia was accused by Joe Rogan who posted on his website an article in which he states that Carlos Mencia stole jokes from different comedians. Joe Rogan also confronted Carlos Mencia on the stage at Comedy Store and then posted a video of the altercation and on his blog, he compared video clips of Carlos Mencia's with those of others comedians.

Stand up Comedy: Carlos Mencia - Career

Carlos Mencia - Career

Carlos Mencia's stand up comedy career began at The Laugh Factory, a comedy club. Carlos Mecia first did stand up comedy on amateur night and after that, the comedian showcasted at The Comedy Store, where he became a regular. Ned Holness, better known as Carlos Mencia was named from Buscado Estrellas, "International comedy Grand Champion", but only after the comedian became a success in L.A.

Stand up Comedy: Carlos Mencia Personal Life

Carlos Mencia Personal Life

Carlos Mencia, by his real name Ned Arnel Mencia, was born on 22nd of October 1967 in San Pedro Sula, Honduras, being the son of an Mexican mother and a Honduran father. Carlos Mencia was the seventeenth of eighteen children of Magdalena Mencia, who refused to give her son his biological father's, Roberto Holness, last name, because of a domestic fight that she have had with him.

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