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Stand up Comedy: Bill Cosby: Drugs Routine

Bill Cosby: Drugs Routine

Stand-up comedian Bill Cosby talks about drugs and people who take drugs. In his characteristic way, he underlines the funny part about taking drug, but without encouraging us to take them. His extremely funny Drugs routine is included in his stand-up comedy video Bill Cosby: Himself, recorded in 1983.

Stand up Comedy: Bill Cosby: Brain Damage Routine

Bill Cosby: Brain Damage Routine

One of the classics of stand-up comedy by now, stand-up comedian Bill Cosby get his fame not only from stand-up comedy but from TV shows as well. He is known to take on every day topics and turn them into a mouthful of laughter. This is the case with the Brain Damage video routine, in which he talks about his children and children in general.

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