10... 15... 20 minute specials!

Here at BCO we try to give users what they want. The problem is that, at the moment, we don't know what you want so we'll put online whatever comes into our mind.

This said, we are proud to present the 20 minute specials category. We'll put here all the comedy specials we can get our hands on.Apart from being just plain funny... this is a working class oriented category, designed to take away the boring part of your day (work).

If you are still in school, you can easily drop out on your way to becoming a beer drinking overweight Janitor in an office building where you can see people that didn't laugh at fart jokes when they were in school. Last, but not least, if you are old and condescending... please leave!

Quick Info 10... 15... 20 minute specials!

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