Dane Cook 20 Minute Special Video

Dane Cook is practically going crazy in this special. You are watching this show at your own responsibility. The comedian speaks on his desire to be a snake giving details on how he could use the acidly spit, the mobile jaw or the sounds snake use to scare enemies off.

The comedian mostly moves from one to another, from drinking to waiting in line at the DMV after a car accident from that moving to time traveling and what will be in the year 3000. In this crazy funny stand up ride Dane Cook takes us the comic also speaks of the catholic church and the rituals they have there. The show is mostly story telling of the comedians fantasyes on a part of real life. Anything you see here might not be of use in real life without drinking or smoking some crack first!

Quick Info Dane Cook 20 Minute Special Video

  • Comedian Name: Dane Cook
  • Location: Comedy Central Presents
  • Stand up comedy video published in: Comedy Central Presents
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