Comedy Central Presents: Carlos Mencia

Carlos Mencia begins the Comedy Central special talking about prejudice and racism based on the fact of September 11. The comedian mostly speaks on how society prejudices all types of people including blacks, Latinos oriental, midget, women, even white males.

He speaks of how good of a country America is and how people of America and also foreigners don't know to apreciate the country America is.The comic makes a list of suggestions of people who should be in the army, mentioning that black people are most suited for the tanks that could be considered drive bye's because tanks are made to drive and shoot.

Although unusual for a comedy act, Mencia decides not to finish his routine on war, prejudice, racism, poor judgment of society not with a joke as all comedians usually finish their specials but in a different way... watch and see for yourself a master of comedy at work.

Quick Info Comedy Central Presents: Carlos Mencia

  • Comedian Name: Carlos Mencia
  • Location: Comedy Central Presents
  • Stand up comedy video published in: Comedy Central Presents
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