Bill Dwyer 20 Minute Special Video

After a Rolling Stones joke, Comedian Bill Dwyer begins with a little religion humor mentioning the Lutherans, worshipers of Lex Luthor from Superman movie. Most of his act is a sum of small quick jokes, usual humor, the kind of humor you enjoy at a comedy club in a Saturday night with your friends. Bill Dwyer is The Comedian if you want 20 minutes of good clean humor, the kind of humor you can hear from anybody with a sence of it. He uses subject such as religon, familly,marriage,etc.

Through a big part of his special the comedian speaks of kids, the parent's habits around the kids, taking kids to the zoo, the way divorced parents love their kids even more than others,etc. After the kids jokes comic Bill Dwyer goes to the dark humor area teling the story of the couch his father died on, as he names it "not exactly the greatest make-out couch in highschool".

In the end of his comedy special Dwyer tells a story about one of his sexual fantasies he shares with his wife. Watch the show to get inspired!

Quick Info Bill Dwyer 20 Minute Special Video

  • Comedian Name: Bill Dwyer
  • Location: Comedy Central Presents
  • Stand up comedy video published in: Comedy Central Presents
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