Bill Burr 20 Minute Special Video

Bill Burr starts talking about stars who made it and about the way they will go down on the principal of not watching "Behind the Music". Moving on from that the comedian speaks about George Bush, "the average american president" and about the war and the redneck solution he thought of for that problem.

Burr brings on the table the problem of 20 years good looking girls and the fake attitude they have about the age of the old guys they are humping for their money."I just don't trust beautiful women 'cause beautiful women are around only when you have stuff." The comic is outraged by the advantages beautiful women have because of their big boobs and other aspects that bring them "unbelievable free stuff they don't appreciate".

At one point his humor gets racial using a few "cracker jokes". As he says, there's no brothers when it comes to white people, cause they don't care about eachother. That's the reason he got called a cracker for 18 stops without getting racial back, because that would bring out the "apologies podium". He finishes his bit with a comedy bit about computers, spell check and the way you could be too stupid even for spell check to help you.

Quick Info Bill Burr 20 Minute Special Video

  • Comedian Name: Bill Burr
  • Location: Comedy Central Presents
  • Stand up comedy video published in: Comedy Central Presents
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