Stand up Comedy: Woody Allen:Standup Comic Video

Woody Allen:Standup Comic Video

Standup Comic is Woody Allen’s audio show, recorded in April 20, 1999 by Rhino/Wea. This is a stand-up single CD compilation of three albums that Woody Allen released in the 1960's with a run time of 76 minutes. The CD contains some of Woody Allen's best material from his early stand-up days.

Stand up Comedy: Chris Rock - Bigger and Blacker video

Chris Rock - Bigger and Blacker video

Chris Rock’s “Bigger and Blacker” was filmed at Harlem's legendary Apollo Theater in 1999. He follows up his 1996 stand-up show Bring the Pain with this yet another hilariously video concert, making people laugh during 65 minutes of continuous fun.

Stand up Comedy: George Carlin - You Are All Diseased video

George Carlin - You Are All Diseased video

George Carlin’s You Are All Diseased video was recorded in 1999 in Beacon Theatre, New York and released on DVD in 2003. The You Are All Diseased presents stand-up comedian George Carlin at his best. He is angry, frank and fearless as he used us. There are 65 minutes of true, straightforward stand-up comedy, delivered from one of the classics: George Carlin.

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